Digital Media Leads

We are a full stack outbound lead generation company that works on a pay for performance basis.Currently scheduling 5-17 meetings a month for each of our clients.

We help our clients to turn cold traffic into paying customers using a system where we both learn what the market is asking for and how to deliver it to them.Utilizing cold traffic is the most cost effective outreach to test new ideas, markets, and to help your sales staff fill their pipeline.

Ecom Client - We booked them 34 meetings and $960K of pipeline value.Recruiting Client - 36 leads and 4 new contracts with a pipeline value of $478K in one month.Marketing Client - We 7X their lead flow from a previous agency.

What to expect on a call

-> An in depth conversation about your current prospecting and sales process.-> The Ideal Client Profile Indentification-> A strategy to meet your goals & provide a positive ROI.

Results from our cold outreach Systems

What do our Clients say?

"Andy has been refreshing to work with. He has the drive and motivation to keep revising until we got a combination that was delivering real leads to us. We have tried 3-4 other lead gen companies in the past and he has delivered the most QUALIFIED leads so far. He is also very easy to work with and brings new thoughts and ideas to the table constantly. We have really enjoyed working with him and would recommend him to others."-Michael & Eric (Ecom Marketing)

"You have probably $300K of revenue on our board...which is 1/3 of the total right now!"-Jeremy (HR)

Our Automated Systems Integrate With The Following CRMs, Data Structures, and more.

What does working on a performance basis mean?

All of my clients generate a positive ROI from our outbound strategy.
The typical ROI is 5X to 10X of net costs to the client.
There is a low retainer and you pay for meetings that show up and meet an agreed upon criteria, or we will have a revenue sharing agreement.

How do we make sure you get meetings with the right prospects?

-> We determine your ICP (Ideal Client Profile)-> Develop a list and build out your TAM-> We test to a list of 1K validated leads-> Together we iterate until we get it right and meetings or leads start.-> Then we scale as much as possible for your market.

Who am I?

My name is Andy and I have been working in businesses and internet companies since 1999.My goal is to help businesses add revenue and align my interests with their stakeholders by ensuring a positive ROI in the 10X-15X range.

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